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Like the great and good in story

if we fail, we fail with glory

13 July 1982
This journal is closed. The fic, however, is public! :D
anthony bourdain, appropriating mens' formalwear accessories, being a dc-kinda girl, black pens, booze, cat macros, coffee, cooking, crest whitestrips, david ten-inch, david tennant, definitely not mormonism, doctor who, dysfunctional weasleys, earl grey, fandom wank, fob watches, gay mormons, general malaise, gratuitous obscenities, harry/percy, hp fic, irwin/scripps, johnny fucking depp, kitty!, lesbians, michelle obama's victory garden, misspelled lj interests, mistah j, moral grey areas, norrington, not airplanes, not dakin, not finishing college, not frappuccinos (fake coffee), not fucking sylvia plath, not helena bonham carter, not sylvia plath, notebooks, overcaffeination, oversteeped passion tea, percy weasley, percy weasley again, poison ivy, potential-squandering, president barack obama, qaf = fucking overrated, red wine (not white), severus snape, sirius black, skirts, slash goggles, sleep deprivation, stephen colbert, tea, ted hughes, ten, the dark knight, the goddamn batman, the history boys, the homosexual agenda, ts eliot, wb yeats, word tattoos, workaholism